What is a Business Dashboard?

Organisations around the world are increasingly appreciating the benefits of business dashboards. Why?

Just as your car has a dashboard displaying all the key information you need to know about in order to ensure it runs smoothly, so a business dashboard highlights key metrics that are important for an organisation to function efficiently.  For example;

  • Businesses can use dashboards to monitor and manage key financial metrics such as debtor days and cash flow.
  • Educational establishments such as Colleges use dashboards to monitor factors such as attendance and room utilisation.
  • Hospitals are using business dashboards to analyse Patient Level Costing to ensure they get the most out of tightening budgets.
What they all have in common is the need to maximum efficiency and  reduce costs, and the desire to make better informed decisions. Dynistics Active Dashboards product is an ideal choice to highlight areas of concern so that organisations can reach their full potential, save costs and utilise resources to the best effect.
Active Dashboards has the capacity to draw information from all your existing systems (your business intelligence) and display it in a graphical format in order to give you a full picture of your organisation's performance. 
What does this mean for the dashboard user? It means no longer having to spot patterns by reading through various reports from the different departments in your organisation but seeing the full picture in one place and analysing it with the click of a button.
Sounds easier doesn’t it? With Active Dashboards decision making is made easier.
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