HEIDI Connector

Fast, automated retrieval of HEIDI data for performance benchmarking and planning

HEIDI (Higher Education Information Database for Institutions) is HESA’s web-based management information service that gives universities and HEIs access to quantitative data about UK higher education.

Over 80% of HEIs subscribe to the service, and use the data in many ways, including benchmarking their performance against peer institutions, to inform their strategic planning and for financial and estates management.

However, retrieving HEIDI data and putting together HEIDI reports can be a complex, manual, time consuming process.

Dynistics Dashboard Software - Active Dashboards streamlines and simplifies this process thereby enabling faster and more meaningful analysis.

Active Dashboards HEIDI Connector gives you:

  • Fast, automated retrieval of HEIDI datasets
  • Full integration with internal student, financial and operational data via dashboard reporting
  • HEIDI data represented in easy to view, attractive, interactive graphs and charts.
  • The Active Dashboards HEIDI Connector makes HEIDI data simple to interpret so you can make fact-based decisions faster to support effective planning.

The Benefits

Saves Time and Money - automating the data retrieval process means a significant reduction in manual effort and administration costs

Meaningful Insight - delivers a complete, single view of HEIDI data for in-depth, meaningful analysis

ROI - the HEIDI Connector is another benefit that generates further operational savings from your investment in Active Dashboards.