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Active Dashboards provides all the answers.
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Visualisation Comes Alive
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Connect to multiple data sources to view all your key metrics on one dashboard

Data Connectors
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The new easy, dynamic way to deliver and share key information throughout your organisation.
Active Scoreboards

Introducing Active Dashboards

Access, collaborate, analyse and compare critical information in one place. See real time visualisation and intelligent insights that you can share across your organisation.


Make Smarter Decisions Faster with Dashboard Software

Visualisation comes alive with Active Dashboards! Get the power to find the evidence you need to make smarter decisions faster. Our dashboard software combines stunning graphs and charts with powerful, intelligent business analytics so you not only see, quickly and clearly, how your organisation is doing in real-time but you can take corrective actions earlier to prevent small issues becoming bigger problems.

Professional Analytics

Trust Active Dashboards

Active Dashboards integrates, predicts and compares all your critical information in one place. There's no data warehouse, so no expensive time consuming implementations. Just fast access to real-time, meaningful insights you can share across your organisation.


Business Intelligence

Active Dashboards offers powerful, real-time analytics and engaging, interactive dashboard layouts. Allowing business users to get the answers they need for smarter and faster decision making.


Business Analytics

Active Dashboards Business Analytics software combines evidence-based business intelligence with powerful business analytics to give you complete insight into your organisation’s performance.


Data Visualisation

Active Dashboards Data Visualisation Software gives you the ability to discover, interpret, communicate and action insights quickly and easily.



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