2nd of 5 Ways Recruiters Can Measure Up For a Yellow Jersey

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2. Measure Client Contact

Alongside candidates, your clients share the number one priority spot. By increasing client engagement you can create real competitive advantage. When it comes to client acquisition, retention and maximising revenues, the battleground is in the service you deliver.  Being able to measure the quality and quantity of contact you have with your client base means you can quickly identify where to focus your efforts.

Set key metrics for client communication:

  1. Categorise clients so you can manage them according to their strategic value. For example “A B C” categorisation of your customers enables you to prioritise and be more effective in contacting those most likely to do business with you.
  2.  Identify the level of client engagement by sector/ team/ consultant to enable you to identify areas to apply business development activities for greatest return.
  3. Understand what proportion of your client base is active or inactive to get a clear picture of potential new revenue opportunities. Analysing by geographical coverage for example can reveal where individual consultants or teams are not performing to the required standard.
  4. Identify which activities – number of BD calls, client visits etc.- and in what proportions generate the best results
  5. Implement a contact frequency plan – and monitor which activities and which channels work best to produce the best results.
  6. Analyse client revenues in real-time and over time.  For example, what are the revenue figures to date? What’s the change in client spend this year compared to last year and why?


  1. Stronger relationships with key clients to achieve greater retention levels amongst the highest value clients and to strategically develop more clients into high value accounts.
  2. Consistent delivery of all aspects of your service to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  3. Build credibility and reputation as a ‘preferred supplier’ to enable you to maximise volumes, revenues and profits.


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