3 Ways to Engage College Students Using Active Dashboards

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Provide digital experiences to better engage your students and drive results higher.


An engaging learning experience that creates a highly-skilled, practical workforce in line with employers’ needs is a government priority. This was outlined in the ‘Rigour and Responsiveness in Skills’ report in April 2013.

Using data and technology to drive that engagement is seen as a critical factor, however the TES reported that some government ministers believe that the FE sector isn’t using technology effectively enough.

So, prove the critics wrong by improving your students’ education experience with active college dashboards…


Student Engagement Tactic #1 – Present attainment standards in attractive, easy to understand graphs

Active college dashboards will let you show your students how well (or not) they are doing in their studies. This article demonstrates just how great they can look when used to provide your students with an education experience that matches their expectations and effortlessly presents them with relevant information.

Using active college dashboards will let you:

  • Present the numbers that matter most in a clearer, more straightforward way.
  • Use alerts if grades are falling below where they should be.
  • Personalise each student’s learning experience.

Student Engagement Tactic #2 – Pull in external data to relate what they are learning to the real world

College students are learning a vocational skill because they want a trade and they want to get a job using that skill when their education is complete.

Use active college dashboards to show students at a glance:

  • Local employment figures.
  • The number of jobs available in their chosen field in the local area.
  • The key attributes employers are looking for from graduates.
  • How to benchmark their results against their peers.

Student Engagement Tactic #3 – Use email alerts to bring students back to the dashboards whenever new data is added

Improving students’ digital literacy is an essential aspect of developing employable college leavers. Digital skills and interpretation of digital data will be key elements in many jobs when they enter the workplace. Email alerts can ensure your students:

  • Get used to interacting with digital data as a day-to-day way of understanding performance requirements and achievements
  • Understand the effect of wider industry impacts on their chosen profession
  • Can see how their college performance and attainment levels are directly linked with their chance of success in the working world

These are just some of the ways that active college dashboards can be used to engage students. At the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) Developing Student Engagement conference earlier this year, a session entitled ‘Effective principles for student engagement’ also highlighted the importance of:

  • Always using evidence and making sure it’s shared.
  • Telling people what has happened as a result and recognise achievements.

The key benefit of active college dashboards is the ability for students to access information that is relevant to them quickly and painlessly. Use active college dashboards to show students:

  • What they are doing well.
  • Where they need to improve.
  • Key information about their chosen profession.
  • How many relevant jobs are out there.

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