5 Steps to Successful Candidate Engagement

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1. Check them out

5-steps-to-successful-candidate-engagement-post-checkoutOh come on, we’ve all done it: Googled our new beau to find photos to swoon over…while praying we don’t find out they’re already hitched… or on the run from the police. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so they say. Just like in love, finding CVs is easy. Finding real talent is much harder.

With the rise of social media to recruit and search for jobs you can get a full picture of your candidate fast – from the low-down on their professional experience via LinkedIn to deciding if they’ll be a good cultural fit for your vacancy using Facebook and Twitter.


2. Let them know you’re ‘The One’

When top talent starts looking for its next opportunity you need to be the ‘Go-To’ guy – from the get go!  Just like in a new romance – you’ve got to prove yourself. Are you reliable and call when you say you will? Do you respond to all applicants and follow up after they’re placed? Are you consistent and proactively searching for exciting opportunities you know your candidates will love? Getting a clear picture of recruiter performance is the key to the start of a very rewarding relationship.


3. Let them know THEY’RE ‘The One’

We’ve all seen it – couples walking hand in hand…and one turns around to eye up a passing stranger. A roving eye is never appealing.  If your candidate thinks they’re interview fodder – they’ll be off like a shot taking your revenue opportunity with them! Or maybe they didn’t get the job this time but they’re a good candidate. When it gets tough do you keep them positive and close or do you drop them like a hot potato and move onto the next one? Each good candidate on your database is money in the bank. So understanding the existing revenue opportunity in your candidate database is vital. If you’ve found a dream candidate, make sure they know it…before they become someone else’s.


4. Treating them mean does NOT keep them keen

If you treat your candidates well…they’ll tell their friends – and a great referral is a cost effective way to increase your talent pipeline. If you treat them badly – they’ll also tell their friends…who will tell their friends….who will tell their friends. Suddenly you have no candidates, no friends and the wedding’s off!

Right from first contact through to placement, giving a great service by keeping your candidates informed is the key. By creating accurate, detailed job descriptions, working with clients to streamline selection and interview processes and making sure your candidates know what’s happening at each stage will vastly improve your candidate experience – and keep your best talent coming back for more!


5. Keep talking…and keep them sweet

With the shortage of skilled talent – I’m sorry to say – you’re not the only recruitment pebble on the beach. Mr or Miss Right will keep their options open until they get sight of the church, time and time again.

So once you’ve placed your candidate, staying in touch is vital. Do you follow up to find out how they’re getting on? Did they have a great experience during the hiring process? Does the reality of their role match their expectations? Capturing and analysing their feedback is not only a great way to keep in touch, it all adds to the candidate experience and helps inform your recruiting process.

With so many channels, creating and curating content for emails, newsletters, industry blogs and social media to keep your passive candidates engaged can be a time consuming business. By measuring and monitoring candidate interactions you can understand which channels are producing the best responses and how much contact is enough to keep them engaged. Too much contact and you’re a nuisance, too little and you risk them running into the arms of another. This crucial insight will help you streamline resources to maximise the return on your efforts.

It could be years before your candidates are ready for their next move. But by keeping in regular contact you can ensure that when they’re ready, they’ll be sweet…and you’ll be their ‘Go-To’ guy again.


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