Actively monitoring admissions and enrolment data

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Walking the fine line between undersubscribed courses and fines for oversubscribing is currently a very real issue for UK Universities.

Active Dashboards is providing Universities with an interactive real-time break-down of all admissions and enrolment data, empowering them to make the right decisions.

Active Dashboards helps Universities to:

  • Fully understand student applications information – by keeping an accurate track of the students who have applied and offers made;
  • Monitor enrolment by demographics – presenting a clear overview of student demographics which can be easily filtered by faculty or course;
  • Benchmark data – providing comparisons around admissions and enrolment data and identify potential areas for improvement.

Let us show you how Active Dashboards simplifies reporting for Universities. Explore our demo gallery. Or

Contact us to discover:

  • How Universities are using Active Dashboards to monitor admissions and enrolments data;
  • How data is interrogated and presented – view a live University dashboard;
  • How Active Dashboards works with existing University information to provide a single output for all management reporting.


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