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The Manchester College Transforms Governor Engagement

The Manchester College’s presentation of how they’ve applied Active Dashboards to inform Governor Board Meetings proved extremely popular with delegates at our Dynistics…
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Moving from Data to Strategy

It’s early Monday morning and the weekend is now a distant memory. You head into the office to which you are greeted with…
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Active Dashboards College User Conference

Dynistics User Conference 23rd April 2015 The Manchester College “Thoroughly enjoyed the User Conference. I hope they will continue. Well done!!” Niamh Lydon,…
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Five reasons why you should implement dashboard software now!

It’s easy to put it off. But implementing the right dashboard reporting solution is an investment in your college’s future; if you don’t…
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Business Intelligence – the ABC of dashboard reporting

A successful strategy relies on accurate information delivered in a timely manner. Most organisations already have all the information they need for a…
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How to Survive A College Takeover with Dashboard Software

With a college merger or takeover, changes happen quickly and staff need to be kept informed. Dashboard software makes it quicker and more…
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3 Ways to Engage College Students Using Active Dashboards

Provide digital experiences to better engage your students and drive results higher.   An engaging learning experience that creates a highly-skilled, practical workforce…
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Ofsted: Go from ‘good’ to ‘outstanding’ with Dashboards for Education

Ofsted inspections are a challenging time for college principals and their teams but the right business intelligence dashboard can help make the difference…
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3 ways to transform your college enrolment process with dashboards

Make faster, better decisions and get the right number of students on all your courses by using digital dashboards. Crunch time – aka…
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