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The Challenge of Software Developers: Build or Buy?

Your customers demand dashboard functionality for their systems to add Business Intelligence software functions – do you build it for them, or source an…
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Boosting Graduate Employment Figures: Our Tips

A tough job market and constant talk of austerity measures paints a picture of doom and gloom for graduates. But there is much…
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‘Cut-price degrees’ – are they the future?

Financial business intelligence and education reforms mean that everything is changing all of the time – what do ‘cut-price degrees’ mean for the…
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10 Reasons Why Recruiters Love Active Dashboards for Recruitment

1. ALL BUSINESS CRITICAL INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ON RECRUITMENT DASHBOARD Providing “one version of the truth” for everyone who needs it – delivering…
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Delivering New Opportunities For Property And Facilities Management Companies

The commercial property sector has been hit harder than most by the current economic downturn, creating a challenge for decision makers to identify…
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3 ways to transform your college enrolment process with dashboards

Make faster, better decisions and get the right number of students on all your courses by using digital dashboards. Crunch time – aka…
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