Christie Implements Patient Dashboards

  • March 15, 2010
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15 March 2010

The Christie NHS Foundation Trust is implementing new clinical dashboard software from Dynistics to provide data on the resource allocation by patient.

Over the next six months the trust will deploy the Active Dashboard software to managers and clinicians which will enable them to see graphical representations of the resources used to treat each patient from admission to discharge.

The initial phase of the roll-out will begin with the validation of the data that will be used to create the dashboards and then rolling the system out to the first 20 users.

According to the Manchester-based trust the business intelligence dashboard, will allow patient level costing and enable them to use information that already exists faster and more intelligently.

Sarah Vassie, finance manager at the trust said: “Active Dashboards allows very simple interpretation of raw data and as costs are updated in our finance system, so too are the charts. This provides real-time information to make faster and more informed decisions.”

The trust said that the software will enable them to analyse everything from the cost of the patient through their ‘journey’ in the hospital, to departmental cost analysis, specialty and disease group costs.

It will also allow them to use around 350 charts to drill down in order to identify the cost of individual patient procedures.

Vassie added. “Active Dashboards is very easy and intuitive to use and being internet based, users can log on from anywhere in the trust. This will be particularly important when we roll out the system to clinicians and divisional managers for service level and healthcare resource group analysis.”


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