Active Dashboards College User Conference

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dynistics-college-user-conference-2015-dated‘Great event – more please!’ Kemp Anderson, Head of Digital Services, City of Glasgow College.

A very big thank you to everyone who attended the first Dynistics College User Conference!

For us it was a great opportunity to connect with our Active Dashboard College Community, to share exciting new updates, launch our online portal and listen to our customers. For our delegates it was the perfect platform network, share their experiences of using Active Dashboards and to pick up practical ideas and best practice techniques from their peers.

The Manchester College shared with us how they’ve applied Active Dashboards to their college Key Performance Indicators including enrolments, applications, funding and attendance; and how they’ve used it to help support their quality agenda in relation to teaching and learning- to include analysis and reporting of observations, success, retention and achievement rates.

Bolton College presented their methodology behind applying Active Dashboards to both staff and room utilisation and explained how using Active Dashboards has helped identify areas of data non-compliance issues e.g. unmarked registers and untimely withdrawals, as well as identifying areas of risk to funding – e.g. through identifying learners registered but not enrolled, curriculum planned versus timetabled; learners enrolled but not registered and those learners with a greater than average absence rate. And this information was then used to inform their termly performance review process with compliance issues being resolved on a timely basis.

We showcased Active Scoreboards for Student Retention and ran a technical workshop on tips and tricks for developers which proved extremely popular.

We’re delighted with the feedback we received. When asked ‘what was the most beneficial aspect of the conference?’ most delegates mentioned ‘networking’ and ‘exchanging ideas’ – which was the ethos behind the event.

A very special thank you to Ian Holborn, Matt Taylor and the MIS Team at The Manchester College for allowing us to host the event at their Openshaw Campus; and to Tracey Clarke, Caroline Abbey and Mark Burgoyne of Bolton College for their presentations and on-going support.





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