About Dynistics

Dynistics is an award-winning company that provides dashboard software licensing, consultancy and training to public and private sector customers of all sizes. Its Active Dashboard product enables everybody at all levels of the organisation to make quick, informed decisions.

The problem

Most organisations have traditionally been poorly served by existing reporting tools; they have been costly in terms of the time to install and configure and demand expensive (and extensive) consultancy to produce results. Moreover, most have lacked the capability to enable users of the software to serve their own needs without the involvement of IT staff.

The Solution: Dynistics Active Dashboards

Dynistics has created a cost-effective, easy-to-install, industry-leading graphical, dashboard reporting solution. This provides executives and operational staff with graphical reports delivered directly to their desktop browser that helps align operational activities with the achievement of goals at every level of the organisation.

Active Dashboards is a fresh approach to reporting results and predicting future outcomes – bringing together all of the elements needed to deliver a solution that reflects the dynamic, data-driven environment in which most organisations are now required to operate.

The company’s Fast Track installation approach ensures that the significant benefits Active Dashboards has to offer are able to be realised as quickly as possible.

Dynistics serves orgainisations in a wide range of industries, including education (schools, colleges, universities), government, healthcare, financial services, recruitment, legal, property, IT & Telecommunications and manufacturing are leveraging the power of Active Dashboards to more effectively address their current and future information needs.