Delivering New Opportunities For Property And Facilities Management Companies

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The commercial property sector has been hit harder than most by the current economic downturn, creating a challenge for decision makers to identify ways to maximise revenue and profitability in the face of declining occupancy levels. Obtaining a real-time view of performance is critical if decision makers are to be confident of making the right choices at the right time.

Our property dashboard, Active Dashboards delivers business-critical information directly to the desktops of those who need it within Property and FM companies, providing the ability for a faster assessment of performance of property portfolios and enabling the right decisions to be reached more quickly, more often. Retaining profitable clients is even more important in the current market conditions and here too Active Dashboards helps – its reporting capabilities significantly enhance communication with clients, strengthening confidence in long-term relationships.

Active Dashboards also enables future results to be better assessed and anticipated using in-built “what if” scenario planning tools – enabling all relevant property and financial performance metrics to be modelled, reducing the time spent predicting results and enabling future profit levels to be more accurately forecast and maximised.

With Active Dashboards you can:

  • Access high levels results and low-level detail instantly, giving the ability to easily contrast, compare and explore results;
  • Use Heat Map Analysis Tools to see Buildings information graphically: unlocking location-based insights that are typically hidden within multiple systems and spreadsheets;
  • Review Client Information: through charts that illustrate portfolio summary information, financial performance metrics and occupancy analysis data;
  • Geographically represent entire property databases: to reveal the distribution, performance, mix and profitability of properties;
  • Monitor and manage performance: through graphical dashboards that simplify the reporting of rents, arrears, service charges, and KPIs in summary or detail formats.
  • Active Dashboards streamlines critical decision-making by unlocking property portfolio and location-based insights that are held within traditional systems and spreadsheets. Active Dashboards in real-time combines data from multiple sources to enable results and comparisons to be made by client, geographical distribution, time and a broad range of configurable performance metrics – creating new competitive advantages for Property and Facilities Management companies.

Request a product demonstration to see for yourself to see how the property dashboard Active Dashboards can replace your current reporting methods to deliver greater profitability. Simply complete the form on the right or contact our Active Dashboards Property Team on 0121 506 9081.


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