• July 8, 2016

British Manufacturing Must Harness Data in Order to Survive & Prosper

Despite the fact that data pervades every stage of the manufacturing process – from product research and development, supply chain management through to production line effectiveness and final delivery – the manufacturing industry has failed to uncover the valuable insights that data can deliver. This is even more surprising given the vast changes that technology has delivered to this industry, from emerging innovations around the Internet of Things, augmented reality developments and advanced robotics, all which have the potential to transform the way processes are traditionally carried out and in themselves generating vast amounts of data for manufacturers.

This white paper explores that if British manufacturers are to survive in this changing and challenging landscape, they need to harness the power of data into actionable business insights. Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics tools such as dashboard technologies, can transform the mass of data that organisations hold into real-time visually meaningful business intelligence enabling organisations to make informed, agile and timely responses to whatever challenges are thrown at them.

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