Improve Client Loyalty with Dynistics Client Reporting Solution

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Are you still using spreadsheets for client reporting?

If you are – stop! Your clients don’t want to decipher data reports –they just want to know the answers. And they want those answers in real-time at any-time, no matter where they are.

With Active Dashboards reporting solution dynamic and interactive online customer portals you can dramatically increase client interaction and engagement by giving your clients easy, on-demand access to their talent-search reports.

And with their information presented in stunning graphical dashboard formats – not bland streams of text and numbers – they can see quickly and clearly how well you’re delivering on your service level agreements and you get to demonstrate and deliver  the added value you bring to their business.

Active Dashboards client portal reporting solution enables you to:

  • Grow client relationships without growing costs
  • Differentiate yourself from other talent suppliers
  • Stay competitive by reducing manual reporting costs
  • Reduce churn

Our client portal reporting solutions are fully customisable so you can ensure your clients see exactly what’s relevant to them in a fully secure on-line environment they can access via pc, mobile phone or tablet.

So show your clients why you really are the best! Take a look at our Client Portal or book a demonstration now!


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