Infinite Uses Active Dashboards for Client Reporting

  • April 10, 2013
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infinite, the leading field marketing, training and recruitment provider, has equipped itself and its clients with the ability to see results as they happen on the shop floor via Active Dashboards analytics software.

infinite’s strategic marketing professionals carry out all manner of field marketing assignments for some of the world’s best known brands; for example, filling out questionnaires in-store for a particular brand and feeding results back into the strategic marketing plans for that brand.

“Active Dashboards is providing us with the ability to feedback the results of field marketing campaigns in real-time, allowing clients to makes business critical decisions as and when they happen. This negates the need to provide out dated reports a week or so later, when the information is not as valuable” explains Nick Cresswell, Business Technology Analyst, infinite.

“We feed the field data captured via our in-house system into Active Dashboards analytics software, clients can log into a portal and see results represented in interactive graphical charts in real-time; thus have the information at their fingertips to make faster decisions.”

“This gives our clients an advantage and the ability to quickly make the necessary changes that improve the success of any campaign as it is happening, rather than recognising areas of improvement only in hindsight. Clients appreciate the fact that they can drill down into the data and bring back meaningful trends in a manageable way.”

infinite wanted a solution that encourages clients to interact more with the data with ease, providing them with performance data to improve strategic marketing campaigns.

“We know reports produced through Active Dashboards will get clients looking at their data and getting a real benefit from the service we provide,” explains Nick Cresswell.

“The ability to change things on the move, in-line with a changing brief, ensures a more successful result. The speed of alterations enables us to give our clients a better return on their investment – Active Dashboards helps us to provide excellent customer service and ultimately deliver excellence in service execution.”

“We envisage using Active Dashboards analytics software in all areas of our business globally. The simplicity in viewing valuable data quickly and efficiently will ultimately make the difference to both our clients and our performance.”


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