Kings College Choose Service Line Management Module

  • July 17, 2014
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Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, one of London’s largest teaching hospitals serving over 700,000 people in its locality, has implemented Dynistics Service Line Management Module (SLMM) in a matter of days to provide a highly graphical representation of key financial performance measures across the trust.

The SLMM is a pre-built suite of dashboards template reports that graphically illustrate key metrics for Trusts and highlight areas where efficiency improvements can be achieved.

“Dynistics has developed its SLMM through collaboration with a number of NHS Trusts around the country resulting in a solution that presents the key Service Line Reporting information we need to make better informed decisions,” explains Simon Taylor, Director of Finance, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

“The dashboard software was deployed in a matter of days and immediately assisted the finance team to analyse patient level costing and service line reporting information from Trust level through to costing information for individual procedures and consultants.”

“The dashboard software automatically retrieves data from our Patient Level Costing application and presents information in a range of interactive charts with the added ability to drill down into the detail within each dashboard where required.”

“It’s very intuitive to use and easy to understand so that clinical, operational and finance managers alike can use it to interpret data with ease – and once its rolled out across the trust offers an invaluable tool for decision making at every level,” said Simon Taylor.

“Its been deployed quickly and cost effectively making interpretation and analysis of raw data much easier, with the ability to monitor data so that trends can be spotted and informed decisions taken as necessary.

“Going forward we’ll be able to analyse everything from the cost of the patient through his or her ‘journey’ in the hospital, to departmental cost analysis, specialty group costs and drill down lower to identify the cost of individual patient procedures – increasingly valuable information for managing the Trust.”


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