Are You At Risk Of Poor Student Retention?

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Recent UK media coverage regarding changes to University admissions and increasing tuition fees has forced Universities to focus on the way they track student attendance and subsequent retention.

Universities are turning to Active Dashboards to provide instant visibility of attendance data and early-warning triggers for retention issues.

Active Dashboards enables Universities to:

  • Monitor attendance data – highlighting courses and individual student behaviour to clearly understand retention issues;
  • Manage the risk – getting an aggregated overview of the Universities high risk retention areas to ensure effective mitigation;
  • Review trends – utilising historical data enabling early-intervention before issues arise.

Managing targets through university dashboard technology

  • Discover how Universities are using Active Dashboards to pro-actively manage student retention;
  • View a sample University Dashboard to help understand how the data is presented and interrogated;
  • Learn how Active Dashboards works with existing data sources to provide a single output for all critical information.


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