Yellow Jersey Part 4: Monitor Operational Performance in Recruitment

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Recruitment Data Reporting

Key to maintaining and strengthening the health of your business is being able to quickly identify ways to improve your operational performance. Being able to spot and understand underlying recruitment trends – and how they are changing over time – is essential to being able to successfully plan and manage sustainable growth strategies and revenue streams.

Whether you’re looking to specialise or improve economies of scale you need the evidence to be able to accurately assess the impact of your strategy and manage risk to your business.

For niche players, you know that employers will pay a premium for hard to find candidates. Content marketing is key for you to establish yourselves with candidates and employers alike as the ‘go-to’ thought leaders in your specialism. But how do you know which content works best at each stage of the recruitment cycle? How do you start to improve the quality of your content marketing to attract high quality talent and evidence to employers that you can add value?

Take a look at Active Dashboards for Recruitment

For generalist agencies where you have lower margins but higher volume creating economies of scale will enable you to create value for your clients and candidates. By introducing client portals, online reporting and online timesheets you can streamline your operational processes to compete on compliance, become a preferred supplier and win tenders. But if you’re still producing manual reports from each of your individual systems- how can you respond quickly to evidence process efficiencies, greater productivity and value for money?

With Active Dashboards you can instantly:

  • Optimise social media connectors to identify which blog posts, web pages and content are liked, retweeted, for accurate measurement of candidate and client reach and engagement.
  • Automate reporting from multiple data sources to get real-time view of operational process performance
  • Combine historical, real-time and predictive modelling capabilities to your operational data to quickly identify whether and when to move out of slower growth markets and where to focus on more profitable opportunities




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