Optimising the helpdesk operation

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As a highly target driven area, the service desk or helpdesk environment is consistently under pressure to improve performance and customer satisfaction rates by reducing the number of tickets raised and improve resolution times.

The market is engulfed in an array of comprehensive helpdesk solutions designed to help companies with their ticket tracking. However, many of these solutions provide a very isolated view of the information and it can be difficult to compare metrics and interpret the bigger picture in terms of performance.


In order to achieve these improvements, the Helpdesk Manager is required to make informed, rational decisions about the quality of the service offered to its customers and identify areas for improvement.


That’s where the Dashboard solution can play a pivotal role in creating a single, easy-to-interpret set of information. Active Dashboards pulls information from a range of systems, including the service desk software, Excel spreadsheets, finance and HR systems, and create a single graphical representation of the data as a whole.

Using the graphical display, data can be easily interrogated and the Helpdesk Manager can easily identify areas of concern/improvement, for example identify instances where they are falling short of the Service Level Agreement (SLA). A simple traffic light display or gauge can enable the managers to identify issues at a glance and the drill down functionality means information can be quickly and easily viewed to the source of the data to highlight the underlying issue.

In a fast moving environment like the IT & Telecoms sector, having access to real-time information is a highly valuable characteristic and means the information is constantly up-to-date and that interventions can be made immediately to maintain high levels of customers satisfaction.

Another key feature which is highly useful for the effective management of a Helpdesk is the Alerts tool. Automated messages can be sent in the form of graphical/text emails to key individuals such as the Helpdesk Operator to highlight outstanding issues and can be used to escalated higher management if issues remain unresolved.



Active Dashboards is providing an invaluable tool for helping Helpdesk managers measure both individual and team performance and make informed decisions in a timely manner.


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