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What could you do if you had access to your organisation's data whenever you needed it? Drill down into every detail with Active Dashboards

Active Dashboards – interactive, impactful and insightful reporting at your fingertips.


Accessing your latest results is as easy as viewing a webpage, where you can interact directly with your data using in-built filters, drill downs and dynamic charts to produce engaging reports that instantly inform.


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Benefit your whole organisation

Active Dashboards enhances productivity by allowing you to access key information, when you need it.

  • Share reports with different departments across your organisation using a; PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • Save time as there is no more need for extensive spreadsheet-based reports
  • Add value to your existing systems by combining and comparing results all on one dashboard - get one version of the truth.

Get instant answers whenever you want them

Dive into your results using one-click drill down features to reveal insights, trends and issues. This enables faster, better informed decision-making every day.


Dashboard Reporting made simple

For organisations of all sizes Active Dashboards can save time and money whilst increasing productivity.

  • Rapid report setup and distribution providing everyone with one version of the truth.
  • Intuitive and easy to use, eliminating the need for end user training.
  • Take control as you decide who gets access to information according to your company security requirements.
  • Monitor usage through in-built facilities for tracking activity levels and to determine daily ROI benefits for individuals, groups or the entire organisation.


So much more than just dashboard reporting

Active Dashboards offers features that deliver more than just dashboard reports.

  • Automated Alerts provide email notification of issues, achievements and performance-related updates.
  • Beautiful graphical charts connect users with their results by making information vivid, interactive and interesting.
  • Access information from internal and external sources, enabling the delivery of feeds from web-based sources such as RSS news, Google Analytics and hosted applications.
  • Constantly evolving, we continually re-invest in Active Dashboards to remain at the forefront of technical innovation. Active Dashboards v6 represents a significant refinement and re- engineering of features that deliver a state of the art user experience.


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