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Empower your staff by sharing data insights and results through clear, simple dashboards.Compile data directly from ProAchieve to review course performance in easy-to-read graphical.

No need to access and filter data in the pro-achieve application itself.

Use the graph display to examine success rates and forecast for the QSR.

Funding Tracker


The level of funding cuts that continue to be imposed on colleges are significant - maximising income whilst continuing to maintain quality and efficiency is made easier with template dashboards that support better informed decision-making.



Active Dashboards gives you a view of enrolment numbers for every course as they change in real-time.

Mitigate potential issues arising during the early part of term, helping put the college in the best possible position in time for the ILR return.

The data can also begin to inform curriculum planning for next year and reveal which courses need to be adapted to ensure they attract more students or discontinued if the demand is not there.



Active Dashboards helps colleges monitor apprentice success rates, progression and funding at various different levels. Reduce reporting time from months/weeks to real-time, instantaneous data access, helping you to deliver information quickly and accurately. Our Apprenticeship Dashboards has also helped colleges compile information that employers require very quickly and efficiently.

Attendance Tracking

college-demo-attendanceActive Dashboards simplifies the monitoring of registers and reveals underlying trends in absence.

This enables early intervention to help colleges retain more students and safeguard funding.

The tracker can be customised to view consecutive weeks of absence, poor attendance and register compliance allowing a real-time comprehensive snapshot of course performance at any time.

Tutor View


Dynistics Tutor Dashboard provides information on learners at risk, unmarked registers and RAG rating of performance across all qualifications. This puts actionable information into the lecturer's hands so they can take better accountability to improve learner performance.

 Ofsted - Destinations

college-demo-ofsted-destinationsGet a clear picture of where your students progressed on to after completing their course. Choose how you want to compare – by department, course, gender, ethnicity as an indicator of how well they’ve been prepared for further study or employment.

Geographical Mapping

college-demo-observationsActive Dashboards can be applied to report on lesson observations to effectively measure and monitor staff performance to help improve the quality of teaching and support professional development.



Active Dashboards increases the availability of timely information for Governors, enabling them to fulfil their role much more effectively. Governor dashboards are designed to provide Governors with the necessary overview required to ensure regular scrutiny of performance, support strategic decisions and inform the various committee meetings held throughout the year.



Active Dashboards can be applied to report on lesson observations to effectively measure and monitor staff performance to help improve the quality of teaching and support professional development.

Staff Utilisation

Give curriculum managers fast access to clear information to assist the usage and monitoring of staff timetabled hours and senior management a real-time view of requests for agency staffing. Create dynamic links to HR data to review staff actual delivery hours, planned timetable hours against contracted hours to formulate an accurate picture of teaching resource across the college.