Mobile Features

Active Dashboards - Mobile

  • Graphically superior reporting
  • Real-time distribution of results
  • Technically advanced HTML5 technology
  • Defined once, deployed anywhere

Actively Delivering Results

Maximise the value of information by presenting and sharing it with those who need it wherever they are

Dashboard Reporting has now moved mobile

Next generation reporting: revealing trends, exceptions and new insights that fully utilise the capabilities of mobile devices;

Technically advanced & beautifully simple delivering an immersive and interactive user experience;

Real-time distribution of results: providing the information to those that need it when it's needed;

Defined once, deployed anywhere: utilising existing skills and data.

Organisational benefits

  • Increased accessibility to information for all authorised users who need it, regardless of their location;
  • Greater Return On Investment (ROI) resulting from more widespread user adoption driving exceptional returns;
  • Enhanced organisation responsiveness through the delivery of real-time results improves reaction times;
  • New competitive advantages by delivering real-time information to where it is needed for better results;
  • Increased productivity, visibility and accountability for individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole enabling performance improvements to be made at every level.