Recruitment Dashboard Demo Gallery

Explore our interactive dashboards below to see how Active Dashboards can help you discover more from your data. Click on the sample dashboards below.

Google Maps

google-maps-2015-demoActive Dashboards Google Maps Connector enables to understand the relationship between your data and locations in an easy to use visual format.

Executive Overview

executive-overviewGet a holistic view of your company's current performance with the ability to drill down into any chosen area of the business. Our in-built visual analytics interprets and illustrates complex data into a single compact view to give an instant picture of company performance.


consultant-performanceOur powerful in-built visual analytics engine interprets and illustrates complex data (from multiple sources) in compact views that deliver an instant and complete picture of team performance. You can compare individuals against their peers, teams and themselves.

Team Performance

Recruitment_demo_TeamThoroughly investigate your team's performance by dynamically interrogating their activities including jobs on, CV's sent, interviews, candidate placements and fees and drill down into the detail to identify where to focus attention for improved results.

Predictive Analytics

Recruitment_demo_PredictiveAnalyisisOur powerful predictive modelling reveals how you can more efficiently train, motivate and manage consultants to improve performance levels. You can also test the effect of changing volumes and working practices without risk so you can apply successful working methods rapidly across your whole business.

Client Revenue


Gain instant and valuable insight into existing client performance and identify your most profitable clients and their potential for business both now and in the future. Instantly apply these insights to inform the resource and activity planning needed to maximise business opportunities with them.

Candidate Summary

candidate-summaryQuickly and easily understand your candidate pipeline; see candidate throughput, conversion and fill rates and identify proportion of active to inactive candidates to uncover additional revenue opportunities fast. By applying science to determine success you get a clear picture of historical, current and future outcomes.

Branded Client Reporting

recruitment-portalActive Dashboards offers a straightforward way to enhance relationships with your key clients through secure online portal capabilities that dynamically present performance and placement information. Clients can log in and view current status and progress updates whenever and wherever they need it.

League Tables

Recruitment_Demo_LeagueTablesLeague tables are an effective way to see how individual candidates are performing through a live stream of real-time data, these tables can measure aspects like; revenue, placements, interviews arranged and so on. Active Dashboards gives you a clear and concise overview of your candidates.

Consultant Analysis

Recruitment_Demo_ConsultantAnalysisOur powerful in-built visual analytics engine interprets and illustrates complex data (from multiple sources) in compact views that deliver an instant and complete picture of team performance. You can compare individuals against their peers, teams and themselves.


marketing-analysisDynamic real-time analysis of ad response rates help you see produce which job boards produce the best results. Track and understand each candidate journey and maximise ROI with Active Dashboards universal connectivity with your CRM.


Recruitment_Demo_KPIActive Dashboards enables your company to get a real-time insight into the businesses key performance indicators, which makes it easier to identify where the strengths and weaknesses lie within the organisation, making strategic planning faster for the whole company.

Job Boards

Recruitment_Demo_JobBoardsGet a powerful in depth overview of information every recruiter needs instantly, live job boards enables you to get an overview through visually pleasing graphs. Letting you see jobs placed, the eligibility of candidates, responses and sources.

Temp Summary

Recruitment_Demo_TempSummaryGain valuable and instant insight into a whole overview of your temporary candidates. Our Dashboards designed for your temp summary makes it easier to evaluate vital data all in one place, cutting out time consuming reporting you can identify temps placed monthly and temp targets.

Recruitment Scoreboard

Recruitment_demo_LiveResultsEmployee motivation is critical to sustaining revenue growth. Active Scoreboards offers a straightforward solution to deliver consultant, team and organisational KPIs in a dynamic way to keep staff motivated. Real time on-screen updates provide instant feedback on successful outcomes.

Call Times

Recruitment_Demo_CallTimeOur dashboards make it easier to measure candidate screening, through optimising consultants call times. Businesses can drill down to their consultants call targets, identify the length of individual calls, a monthly outbound trends and candidate who took the earliest to the last calls.

Google Analytics

Recruitment_Demo_GoogleAnalyticsYour website data all in one place, makes it easier to evaluate and track page views and visitors. Our in built visual analytics enables you to monitor the key areas of your website, ranging from; new visitors, bounce back rates, visit device and Adwords visits.

Social Media

Recruitment_Demo_SocialMediaOur dynamic reporting software makes it easier for your business to manage and evaluate your social media platforms. At the click of a button, you can see real-time data all in one place, cutting out the time consuming effort of analysing several different platforms.