University Dashboard Demo Gallery

Explore our interactive dashboards below to see how Active Dashboards can help you discover more from your data. Click on the sample dashboards below.

Applications & Admissions


Active Dashboards delivers up- to-the-minute pictures of current application conversion rates and trends that can increase institutional responsiveness.



Active Dashboards gives the ability to combine financial, HR and project-related data to deliver a complete overview of research activities and drill-down to details where needed.



By delivering financial information in engaging, intuitive formats, non- financial staff are able to much more easily understand and engage with it.

What If Analytics


By combining existing data sources with in-built scenario modelling capabilities, Active Dashboards helps universities to better plan for the future and assess the impact of trends and changes in key variables.



Track enrolment trends, status information, visa applications and CAS information through a single set of integrated dashboard reports that also offer the ability to drill down to underlying detailed information.



Active Dashboards provides a visual representation of the clearing process - with an annual average of nearly 1 in 10 students finding their university placements through clearing, effectively managing this process is critical.

Human Resources


Active Dashboards helps universities by ensuring that the HR basics remain fit for purpose, efficiency improvements are identified and management activities streamlined.

Utilisation & Carbon Management


By revealing current utilisation levels, Active Dashboards enables universities to drive efficiency improvements and increase income.

Social Media


Through an ability to extract and present live data from sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook and Youtube, Active Dashboards enables decisions to be based upon both internal and external data.