Active Scoreboards Benefits and Features


Active Scoreboards brings staff engagement and performance management to life with:

  • On-screen visual and audio alerts to announce achievements and events
  • Automatic refreshing to reflect up-to-the-minute results
  • Scrolling options to present results from different areas of the business
  • Live news feeds to illustrate company, BBC/Sky new feeds and social media updates
  • League tables and animations that engage and motivate staff.


Improve staff engagement

Motivate individuals, teams and your entire organisation – so everyone has a clear understanding of their impact on the business. Create a positive environment of inclusion and employee self-management with dynamic displays of key performance metrics – e.g. sales calls made, client meetings booked, marketing campaigns sent, support calls resolved- the options are limitless. Celebrate and share success with on-screen alerts of real-time contract wins, campaign response stats, projects completed and revenues billed via news feeds. You can even add images, sound files, video and animation to create a unique, lively and fun environment for your workforce.

Improve staff performance

Active Scoreboards enables you to significantly increase staff performance, engagement and compliance. By tracking and displaying performance against targets – whatever your business – by individuals and teams, Active Scoreboards delivers a more engaging environment for staff to quickly understand what they need to do in order to maximise their results.

Faster decision making

Results are presented in real-time – highlighting immediate opportunities and risks so you and your staff can re-focus and adjust activity quickly to help stay on track to meet your business targets.

Drive Results

Active Scoreboards provides your staff with a clear picture of what is expected of them (targets) and how well they are performing (results) to deliver real-time feedback that inspires productivity and supports organisational growth and success.