Active Scoreboards is easy to install and you can be reaping the rewards of your investment in just a few days.

The below checklist is designed to provide a brief overview of the technical activities to be completed prior to and during the installation and to assist your in-house IT staff.

1. The Web Server
Active Scoreboards can be installed on any Microsoft Windows operating system that supports Microsoft IIS and .NET as specified below. This is typically an existing server as Active Scoreboards does not require a dedicated server and can co-exist with other applications.

2. Install IIS
Active Scoreboards utilises Microsoft IIS to display configured Scoreboards within a standard web browser. Microsoft IIS versions 5.1, 6, 7, 7.5 and 8 are all suitable.

3. Install .NET 4.0
The next step is to install Microsoft .NET 4.0 (if it's not already installed) on to your chosen Windows server and then apply any available server packs for this component.

4. Locate data sources
Based upon the identified requirements of the users of Active Scoreboards, it is helpful to locate all of the sources that are to be used to populate the charts.

5. Grant permissions
After locating the data sources access rights should be granted to ensure that the required data can be retrieved for display within Scoreboards.

6. Review installation checklist
The Active Scoreboards installation guide provides a checklist of actions that can assist in ensuring that the implementation can be completed with minimal effort.