Coleg Cambria Case Study


Coleg Cambria was formed in March 2013 with the merger of Deeside College- including Northop College, Llysfasi College and Wrexham Training- with Yale College in Wrexham. The College has over 27,000 students and 1,600 staff, and is part of the 157 Group – a consortium of the largest FE colleges in the UK. Coleg Cambria’s goal is to be the strategic leader in delivering the highest quality of teaching and learning in Europe.

The Challenge

Following the merger, the College was spread over seven sites, with over one hundred managers and various student monitoring and information management systems including EBS, Banner, ProMonitor and ProObserve. The Reporting Team and Quality Team were highly skilled at producing detailed reports using Reporting Services; but found it increasingly time consuming and labour intensive to then tailor those reports to each individual manager’s needs.

Active Dashboards Solution

Coleg Cambria rolled out Active Dashboards to senior managers and all teaching staff across the curriculum areas. Each member of staff has access to the specific information they need about student and staff performance, their own scorecard for their courses and are now able to work in realtime to take corrective action faster to resolve issues.


Within the curriculum areas Active Dashboards enables tutors to look at performance to identify key trends, monitor and track learners and fundamentally be able to report on how successful they are – in real time.

The College uses Active Dashboards to inform one to one meetings at all levels across the College. Staff are able to access the information they need for those meetings which enables them to have real, meaningful conversations to identify support, quality improvement or key performance actions straight away.


Some significant benefits of Active Dashboards have been identified in the improvement of learner success within the College’s hair and beauty curriculum area. Staff have been able to use the data and Active Dashboards to really hone in on learner numbers, enrolments, current performance and also successful completion. This enabled them to bring about improvement in attainment and retention. “Since we’ve been using Active Dashboards we’ve brought about a successful improvement of 13 percentage points in overall learners success” said Paula Wood. “This now sees hair and beauty at Coleg Cambria ranked at the top of the first quartile of all colleges in Wales. Active Dashboards was fundamental to that quality improvement. We use Active Dashboards at the core of our monitoring and tracking and it really enabled our managers to facilitate and improve the success of our learners. It’s fantastic. I can’t imagine not using it”.


From the Estyn Report

"Staff across the college make excellent use of data from a range of sources to review their performance effectively against national benchmarks and college targets. The college uses a comprehensive dashboard system very well to present performance data at different levels in a clear, comprehensive and user friendly way. This provides a single point for staff to access a wide range of college data that is personalised for individual users. As a result, all staff have a very clear understanding of how they contribute to the strategic aims of the college."
Read the full Coleg Cambria Estyn Report.

Coleg Cambria Estyn
November 2015

From the client

"Active Dashboards has been really successful at Coleg Cambria. We’re a really ambitious college and if you want to be at the head of your sector then you need to know about what’s going on; you need to understand about performance in every single way across your organisation. And that’s what Active Dashboards provides for us. The ultimate measure for me is that performance is up and improving – we’re the highest performing college in Wales."

David Jones,
Principal & CEO
Coleg Cambria

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