Darlington College Case Study


Darlington College identifies greener targets with dynistics active dashboards - college aims to initially reduce printing output by 5%.

Darlington College will use 75,000 fewer sheets of copier paper in 2010-2011 – enough, if placed end to end, to stretch from Darlington to Middlesbrough.

The college has highlighted a green strategy with its initial goal to reduce printing output by 5% across the organisation thanks to installing Active Dashboards software from Dynistics.

The software, which has been fundamentally installed to help the college better analyse and measure student admissions targets, provides a highly visual graphical representation of data allowing it to identify trends and improve performance in any given area of the college.

“As a result of the information published via the dashboard showing printing statistics for this academic year, the college environmental group has set a target of reducing printing output initially by 5%. This judgement was made purely on the figures posted for February 2010,” explains Jeremy Mussell, Darlington College.

“When I created a dashboard to represent the printing data from across the 85 printers around the college, it was possible to see that since the start of the current academic year in September, we’ve used one million pieces of paper at a cost of £4,880 pounds and used £5,654 of consumables (printer cartridges) at a total cost to the college of over £10,000.”

“Based on the figures represented in the dashboard, we’ve been able to identify areas where we can make savings in printing – enough to initially reduce our printing output by 5%.”

Since the printing costs have been highlighted, the college dashboard has a Green IT tab which has a number of charts showing the printing usage for the current academic year which is available to all members of staff.

“The possibilities for the application of Active Dashboards in helping to make Darlington a greener college are endless – if we can chart and measure it, we can monitor our carbon footprint more closely and make the college a greener institution – printing is the just the first step.”


From the client

"Every member of staff can now see the printer usage giving page counts for each networked printer since the start of the academic year."

Jeremy Mussell

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