Essilor Case Study


Essilor is the world’s largest manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses, famous for its Varilux lens, the world’s first Varifocal. Operating worldwide, its manufacturing and sales operation in the UK employs over 400 people.

The Challenge

Essilor’s lens catalogue runs to nearly 400 pages, indicating the scale and complexity of its range. This complete range is manufactured and distributed from its UK headquarters in Bristol. With all lenses made to order and with stringent turnaround times. It is critically important to its business that production out- put, quality levels, order processing and product returns are all closely monitored.

“All data needed to be downloaded from an AS400 system into Excel for analysis and reporting” says David Todd, CRM manager. “There was then a time-consuming extraction of the data into pivot tables. By then the data was historical and there was no real- time monitoring of production or of order fulfilment.

In addition, looking at trends over time in production quality, in quantities of returns and in service levels was really difficult. We needed a solution that would enable us to view and assimilate this data in real time.”

Active Dashboards Solution

Dynistics’ Active Dashboards were identified as providing the ideal solution, presenting critical real time data in easy to understand dashboard displays and integrating seamlessly with the existing AS400 system.

To use an obvious analogy, Active Dashboards provide a perfect lens with which to view all necessary statistics, trends and real-time events. Yet, for all the complex data being handled, the use of colourful graphics rather than numbers; and at-a-glance summaries of different key indicators, transforms the speed with which data is accessed and acted upon.


Dynistics’ expert installation consultant worked closely with Essilor’s IT team to configure Active Dashboards to retrieve data from Essilor’s AS400 system. This was achieved smoothly and easily. One of the challenges of the installation was ensuring that the system could cope with the huge quantity of production and sales data that Essilor’s bespoke manufacture of lenses produces.


In every part of its business, Active Dashboards have revolutionised the way in which Essilor’s team uses data. The whole organisation is now able to see clear trends, with managers able to monitor

the company’s key performance indicators (KPI’s) in real time. All this information is displayed clearly and vividly using Active Dashboards’ imaginative graphics.

“Regular requests for data that previously were sent as spreadsheets are now sent as dashboards and it can take as little as two minutes to create a new one”, says Simon Johnson from Technical Services.

“At our daily production meeting, six dashboards on one screen provide all the key indicators,” says David Todd, CRM manager. “It’s a great way to manage and structure a production meeting.” In addition, Essilor has ISO accreditation and Active Dashboards are transforming its ability to track quality trends and produce reports to satisfy audit requirements.
“Plasma screens on the production floor will use Active Dashboards to show in real-time any bottlenecks in production, track Work In Progress, and display production volumes against targets; a significant change from pinning historical graphs on noticeboards!”

“In a nutshell, Active Dashboards are fantastic,” says team leader for sales and customer services, Linda Williams. They’ve transformed our ability to monitor returns levels; all team members can see the volume of returns they are processing, which has increased productivity. The dashboards also enable multi- tasking by showing the tasks and targets required all on one screen”.

Essilor’s customers, ophthalmic opticians, can now receive sales information in a way that they can act upon. “By embedding dashboards into password- protected web pages we can create an active sales dialogue with customers, showing them the volumes and types of lenses they have bought.” says David Todd.


Improved decision making through access to clear data

Improved performance monitoring

Customer service improvements with teams using real-time data.

Competitive advantage by improved targeting of customers.

ISO audit requirements met through clear analysis of quality performance.

From the client

"The reaction throughout the organisation has been dramatic. Everyone is excited by Active Dashboards and the clarity with which they display data. Heads of departments can now monitor all aspects of the business in a way that just wasn’t possible before."

Arif Samnani,
IT Manager,

"Active Dashboards have proved to be a remarkably cost-effective and easy-to- install solution to all of our data interpretation problems. There is great interest from our French owners, as currently across the group they do not have anything that provides information in the same way."

Arif Samnani,
IT Manager,

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