Goodman Masson Case Study

Goodman Masson is an award-winning financial recruitment business that has been recruiting professionally qualified accountants and other finance professionals for over 20 years. Based in London and Düsseldorf, they have a team of over 150 covering a comprehensive range of services. As a result, they hold a huge amount of data in disparate systems.


Collating data from disparate systems was wasting an hour every day and led to inconsistencies and out of date information. This make it difficult to predict future opportunities and forecast revenue.

Goodman Masson needed a real-time reporting tool that would deliver meaningful insights from complex queries and present a central, unified version of the truth.

Visual representation of KPIs and operational targets enable staff to make faster more informed decisions, identify areas for improvement as well as predict future opportunities.

Active Dashboards has had a direct impact on revenue, every year for the last five years the annualised revenue at Goodman Masson has grown in excess of 10% and the headcount has grown by more than 30% over the same period.


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