Jonathan Lee Recruitment is an established recruitment company who have been working across a range of technical sectors for over 38 years. Working with high quality candidates and clients, the company prides itself on having the in-depth understanding of the skills, experience and attributes required for filling these specialist roles.

The Challenge

With over 100 staff spread across the UK with offices in the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Essex, Jonathan Lee Recruitment recruits for permanent, interim and contract
positions. Resulting the company in holding a great amount of data in disparate systems. “Tighter budgets, reductions in hiring time and the shortage of highly skilled candidates means that competition in recruitment is fiercer than ever. Although three quarters of recruiters don’t currently use data in their recruitment activity, those that do are twice as likely to improve their recruiting efforts and are three times as likely to reduce costs and gain efficiency. We wanted to experience those benefits”, says Jon Blaze, Head of Recruitment Operations at Jonathan Lee Recruitment.

Active Dashboards Solution

“Dynistics Active Dashboards offered a more visual and effective alternative to systems we had previously built internally”, Jon explains. 
“We needed a solution that could deliver a complete picture with the added functionality to drill down to specific details. Perhaps most importantly for a multi-site organisation like ours, it has been the ability to draw information simultaneously from multiple sources in order to identify opportunities and flag up any issues.”


Jonathan Lee Recruitment installed Dynistics Active Dashboards in 2014. Jon adds, “At the time we were in the process of moving all of our systems to the Cloud, however despite our initial requirements having changed, Dynistics were very accommodating and were able to work around any resulting issues. It was a very consultative, two-way process.”


The implementation of the dashboard has made Jonathan Lee Recruitment’s day-to-day processes far more agile. Data-driven recruiting when combined with industry experience can be a significant source of competitive differentiation and business advantage. Having access to data visualisation tools such as Dynistics, Active Dashboards ensures Jonathan Lee Recruitment have a single view of operations to map performance, identify trends, predict future opportunities or requirements to change priorities.

The Future

Big data, when harnessed effectively, saves recruiters time, enables skilled recruiters with key sector knowledge and allows us to deliver an efficient solution
“One of our key goals is for Jonathan Lee to continue to be seen as the market leader in our chosen sectors and we are confident that Active Dashboards can assist us in achieving this," adds Jon.



From the client

"Dynistics Active Dashboards offered a more visual and effective alternative to systems we had previously built internally."

Jon Blaze
Head of Recruitment Operations
Jonathan Lee Recruitment

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