Kensington & Chelsea College, a Further and Higher Education College, committed to maintaining specialist provision for the arts, offers a range of full and part-time courses, including work-based learning and apprenticeships. The College’s students come from a diverse range of backgrounds including a growing intake of 16–18 year olds.

The Challenge

Historically, Kensington & Chelsea College’s suite of internal reports had been developed over a period of time by various authors and as a consequence the College’s reports are now difficult to maintain and provide a limited view of the College data. The College realised that with the need to access real time, accurate information, their existing system was under delivering and their reporting system needed an upgrade

Active Dashboards Solution

The implementation of Active Dashboards has made quality real-time data readily available organisation-wide and has helped improve individual, departmental and overall College performance.

“The dashboards give us up-to-date management information in an easily digestible format, enabling our management team to drive improvements at all levels in quality outcomes for students and highlighting potential areas for development within the college and, thanks to the promptness and accuracy of data, enabling them to act on these at the point of failure,” says Bill Blythe, Vice Principal for Finance and Resources.


Kensington & Chelsea College installed Dynistics Active Dashboards in December 2015 and four months later were already seeing tangible results. “Bringing in an external company certainly helped to simplify and speed up the process,” confirms Tony Jack. “There was a cross-over period of a few months where we had to familiarise ourselves with the new system and have a data driven mind-set. However, once we did, the results were impressive.”


Kensington & Chelsea College currently uses seven dashboards - finance; applications; enrolments; Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the board of governors; student attendance and progress; student retention and room utilisation. Two more; staff utilisation and geomapping, are currently in development.

The Future

In the future, Kensington & Chelsea College plan to grow both the nature and shape of their Active Dashboards to track and monitor performance across all areas of the College to drive up standards of course delivery and attainment and increase student enrolment. Tony Jack concludes, “We’re working closely with Dynistics to discover how we can replicate customised home screens for different departments, and intend to develop our geomapping dashboard and work alongside the Responsive College Unit to find out which areas we can develop to ensure that we’re meeting the needs of the local community and becoming even more competitive.”



From the client

“Using Active Dashboards has definitely enabled us to streamline processes and use our time more effectively. Previously we had to ask for documents and bespoke reports on an ad-hoc basis which was both frustrating and very time-consuming. Now data is not only available at the click of a mouse, but it is also updated automatically, reducing administration".

Bill Blythe
Vice Principal for Finance & Resources

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