NESCOT College Case Study


North East Surrey College Of Technology (Nescot) Is Applying Active Dashboards To Help Achieve Ofsted “Outstanding” Status

Nescot is using the advanced graphical reporting capabilities, offered by Dynistics Active Dashboards solution, to provide staff with access to real-time information whenever and wherever they need it. Active Dashboards is supporting the College in developing current working practices and in becoming ever more sophisticated in analysing and applying its data; enabling earlier identification of trends, opportunities and insights that are easier to action when presented in the highly graphical formats that the product offers.

Commenting on the solution, Dario Stevens (Assistant Principal Information Services) said: “As a very ‘data rich’ organisation Active Dashboards enables us to get a lot more out of our data, it helps managers to really focus on key datasets directly relevant to them and informs them of the fine tuning required to take the next step to achieve OFSTED’s ‘Outstanding’ status”

Nescot focused the initial phase of its dashboard project on key curriculum performance indicators, such as application / enrolment numbers, attendance, retention rates, funding and equality & diversity measures. They intend to expand the use of Active Dashboards to cover the full scope of operations of the whole college and to make it the single, definitive source of information.

In terms of the benefits that the College has already been able to realise, Dario Stevens commented: “Active Dashboards enables us to make better informed, pro-active decisions every day by giving staff the ability to immediately find answers to the questions raised by their key performance indicators. It also enables them to directly review and relate the real-time information they are seeing at the top level to what is happening at individual course and student levels. With the current economic climate giving us less resource, using Active Dashboards places us in a stronger position to face the sector’s future challenges.”

Active Dashboards is also assisting Nescot to reduce the demands on its in-house MIS team, by providing staff with the ability to meet their own reporting needs. Using the advanced filter and drilldown functionality within the product, staff can create ad hoc reports themselves to address their information needs more quickly.


From the client

“As a very ‘data rich’ organisation Active Dashboards enables us to get a lot more out of our data”

Dario Stevens,
Assistant Principal Information Services,
NESCOT College

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