Unified Seevic Palmer’s College Case Study

In December 2016, Unified Seevic Palmer’s (USP) College, formerly Seevic and Palmer’s Colleges, which delivers learning to almost 3,000 students at its campus in Benfleet, Essex, recognised the need to be able to draw specific information from its data sources for various departments.


USP College wanted greater focus on Maths and English attendance, as well as further critical data. Their in-house reporting method was taking up too much time for staff and the data wasn’t accessible enough to help the college meet their aims.

Once the data was accessible, USP needed to understand the patterns from this data. Throughout the year, focus was split between attendance and retention, then recruitment of new learners and assessing staffing levels for the year to come.

Staff were able to link areas of the curriculum together rather than just looking at it in silos; identifying where improvements in attendance, can be made and encouraging staff to take greater accountability for their learners.

Active Dashboards has delivered more efficient and intuitive access to information and data, providing a platform for sharing information in an effective way, resulting in more positive outcomes for learners.


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