Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form chooses Active Dashboards for Student SAR Management

  • April 10, 2014
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Solihull, West Midlands – 10th April 2014

Dynistics, the leading provider of business intelligence dashboard reporting and real-time visualisation, has announced that it has won a contract from Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College Darlington. The college will use Dynistics’ web-based Active Dashboard solution to get clear visibility of where demand for their courses is coming from, accurately measure conversion rates from application to enrolment and quickly identify key patterns in student achievement and attendance rates so they can make early interventions to minimise drop-out rates.

With almost 2,000 students, the college produces huge volumes of data each year from a number of different sources. Collating this information to produce meaningful reports for senior management is time-consuming. Being unable to quickly find and interrogate the data means they spend more time on identifying issues and less time solving them.

As Assistant Principal Greg Baker explains:

“I should be able to go and talk to our tutors and teachers to solve any problems – or to discuss what’s going well – without having to spend an hour trying to find the information. Saving this time is where Active Dashboards come in. These dashboards will help us to be immediately responsive, because we won’t have to wait four weeks for a KPI report, by which point it’s too late to change anything.”

Greg was impressed by Dynistics’ track record with other college clients: “The fact that Dynistics specialise in the education sector was an important factor in our decision making process, because it meant they would understand us as a client”.

“We are thrilled to have Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College on board” said Anthony Dent, Managing Director, Dynistics. “They understand, in the current environment of increased competition and reduced funding, that it’s imperative their senior management team has fast access to reliable, meaningful information.  By adopting Active Dashboards we’re confident that Queen Elizabeth College will be able to uncover the rich evidence – based insights they need to inform their student application, enrolment, retention and achievement decision –making processes.”

Queen Elizabeth College’s key management team, tutors and teachers all contributed to the implementation process, are currently testing the solution which will go live in September 2014.


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