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Success, Achievement, Retention Our Tips to Boost The Metrics That Matter in Your College

Colleges, like any business, are a mine of data. And as always, some metrics matter more than others. When it…
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The Art of The Possible: What Your College Doesn’t Know Until You Have Dashboards

Think how much your college would benefit if you had fast and easy access to data which answered all your…
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Who are the real Super Heroes behind your success?

Recruitment business leaders face unprecedented challenges in terms of getting the best out of their most valuable asset – their…
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Five reasons why you should implement dashboard software now!

Colleges that haven’t already bought a dashboard solution are sometimes held back by budgets or are simply too focused on…
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Five Steps To Evolve Recruitment Consultants from ‘Survivors’ to ‘Superheroes’

In this guide we offer five steps recruiters can take to make their data work harder and, in so doing,…
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Six steps to better college reporting

Configuring and implementing new software to track your key performance indicators is much easier when you know the secrets to…
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5 reasons why whiteboards are becoming extinct in recruitment

Since the dawn of civilisation, man has chronicled his victories to share his success with his fellow man. From cave…
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5 Steps to Winning Recruiter Performance

With Active Dashboards you set individual recruiter KPIs and then simply view actual performance against targets in real-time. Giving your…
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Active Scoreboards for Recruitment Brochure

Active Scoreboards enables recruiters to significantly increase consultant performance, engagement and compliance. Although most recruiters have invested in software applications…
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Active Scoreboards for Universities Brochure

With Active Scoreboards your students will have all the information they need to embrace university life in dynamic, engaging formats…
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Active Scoreboards for Colleges Brochure

Enrolment is a critical and often stressful time for students and college staff alike. By presenting a real-time picture of…
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Active Dashboards for Telecoms Brochure

With Active Dashboards data becomes a new competitive weapon for your organisation. Real-time business insights are easily accessible by everyone…
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