Active Dashboards for Manufacturing


Giving businesses easy and straightforward access to vast amounts of business-critical data is the key to gaining an edge over the competition, thereby driving profits, growth and improving future forecasting.


What can Active Dashboards provide for your Business?

In an increasingly competitive market with help manufacturers with accurate data monitoring, production planning, delivered in real time, with every piece of vital information in one single place.


Real-time data driven decisions

Data visibility

Monitor quality control

Measure KPIs


With the insight from Active Dashboards business can help plan on delivery timescales and production gaps and be ready for the next stage of growth. And by introducing this information to the team, you can enable people to understand the processes, measure how they are delivering these and how they can make improvements.

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With the ability to look at specific stages in the job pipeline and prioritise workload, Active Dashboards help us to work smarter and improve performance. Dashboards eliminate the ‘background noise’ enabling people to understand the processes, measure how they are delivering these and how they can make improvements.

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The Key to Successful Outcomes

It's about being able to gain real insight - from an individual, divisional and company- wide view into specific stages in the job pipeline and prioritise workload and Active Dashboards help you to work smarter and improve performance.


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Manufacturing whitepaper

British Manufacturing Must Harness Data in Order to Survive & Prosper

Active Dashboards Product Brochure

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Active Dashboards & Scoreboards Product Comparison

This handy fact-sheet gives you a detailed break down of the differences between Active Dashboards and Active Scoreboards.

What can Real-Time Reporting allow you to do?

You can quickly identify recruitment campaign performance against your plan. Integrate social media sources - LinkedIn, Twitter, job boards with in-house CRM systems. Spot underlying trends and patterns in KPIs - time to hire, cost per hire, activity counts and ratios and reasons for withdrawals. And also uncover patterns in recruiter behaviour - call volumes, call times, call durations.

This will enable you to increase your ROI on marketing campaign and advertisement spend. Improve candidate engagement by having a fuller picture of their interests, motivation and goals. Understand and replicate real key drivers for successful outcomes and also inform staff training to improve recruiter performance.