Active Dashboards for Recruitment


Get rich insights for improved operational efficiencies throughout the complete recruitment lifecycle.



What can Active Dashboards provide for your Business?

In an increasingly competitive market you need to match the right clients with your best candidates fast. Giving your staff access to candidate information and monitoring their activity KPIs is not enough.


Increase ROI

Improve Candidate Engagement

Successful Outcomes

Improve Recruiter Performance



 With the insight from Active Dashboards you can take pre-emptive action faster to gain competitive advantage. And by introducing your financial information you can objectively assess performance to make those informed decisions to deliver a sustainable, profitable bottom line. Contact Us today to discuss your requirements and discover how we can help you drive your bottom line.

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Investigate your team's performance by dynamically interrogating their activities including jobs on, CV's sent, interviews, candidate placements and fees. Identify where to focus attention for improved results.

Team Performance

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Dynamic real-time analysis of ad response rates help you see which job boards produce the best results. Track and understand each candidate journey and maximise ROI with Active Dashboards universal connectivity with your CRM


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Active Dashboards Google Maps Connector enables you to understand the relationship between your data and locations in an easy to use visual format.

Google Maps Connector

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Dynistics Performance Platform

Dynistics Performance Platform is a visually dynamic reporting tool that measures and motivates consultant performance through engaging and accessible graphics.


Competition Suite

Displayed on screens around your offices, the Competition Suite provides consultants with visual affirmation of team success and creates a culture of healthy competition and achievement.

Whatever your company incentive schemes may be, having an engaging visual reminder of how close (or not so close) teams are to their targets will give them that extra push to get the job done.

Management Playbook

The Management Playbook provides leaders with instant access to critical metrics. Eradicating time wasted creating manual reports, the Playbook equips management with an instant snapshot of your business.

No need for “finger in the air strategy” or making do with out of date reports, you have real insight at the click of a button. Understand at a glance who is over and under-performing and where your attention is needed the most.


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Case Study

See how Active Dashboards enabled Jonathan Lee to enhance their reporting practices, saving time and effort in producing reports.

The Key to Successful Outcomes

It's about being able to gain real insight - from an individual, divisional and company- wide view into candidate sourcing, client needs, recruiter performance and candidate communication. Our recruitment dashboard software will allow you to provide your teams all this and more.

What can Real-Time Reporting allow you to do?

You can quickly identify recruitment campaign performance against your plan. Integrate social media sources - LinkedIn, Twitter, job boards with in-house CRM systems. Spot underlying trends and patterns in KPIs - time to hire, cost per hire, activity counts and ratios and reasons for withdrawals. And also uncover patterns in recruiter behaviour - call volumes, call times, call durations.

This will enable you to increase your ROI on marketing campaign and advertisement spend. Improve candidate engagement by having a fuller picture of their interests, motivation and goals. Understand and replicate real key drivers for successful outcomes and also inform staff training to improve recruiter performance.