Shrewsbury College Puts Performance at the Top of its Agenda

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Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology is prioritising not only student performance but the performance and efficiencies of the college as a whole, by rolling out Active Dashboard business analytics software to its senior management team.

Dynistics Active Dashboards software has gone live this month and is already having a positive impact on the college as a method for identifying and tracking performance across the college – with a view to rolling it out to all operational managers and departmental heads.

The college is target-driven in terms of learner numbers, funding received and success rates of students and the dashboards are being developed to highlight trends as they happen. Performance management in colleges is increasingly important in terms of justifying where money and resources are being spent and ensuring maximum efficiency.

“Only weeks after installing the business analytics software the dashboards are helping to identify and eliminate pockets of inefficiency within the college to help it save costs and maximise returns,” said Len Tildsley, vice principal, Shrewsbury College.

“Active Dashboards allows us to set performance parameters so that it’s possible to compare current performance with targets agreed at the start of each year – making it very simple to see if we’re meeting them.

“Trend analysis taken from historical data also helps us predict what the coming months may hold – early indication is vital to us hitting our targets and identifying any underperformance before it becomes an issue is much simpler now Active Dashboards is installed.”

Active Dashboards is able to take the live data from the college’s many data sources and integrate and cross tabulate it so that performance can be measured on a daily basis. It provides users with a full picture of college performance helping management make better informed decisions as a result.

“We’ve been live for less than a month and already the increase in productivity is very quick to see. We chose Dynistics over the competition because it’s very simple to set up, provides a rapid return on investment and is streets ahead in terms of usability. It has made a significant difference to the management information we have at our fingertips – almost over night,” concludes Len Tildsley, vice principal, Shrewsbury College.

Going forward, Shrewsbury College plans to use Active Dashboards business analytics software to integrate data from its human resources, financial and student data systems so that it can cross reference and correlate results; for example, student performance with staff sickness. The college has 300 staff, 8,000 students and is based across two principal campuses.


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