Business Analytics

Explore your business data to analyse trends and see the impact of future developments

Business Intelligence is fundamental to helping you understand your past business performance. It gives you the ability to see trends in performance. forecast decisions and spot issues quicker. Although this information is central to inform your business planning, what business intelligence doesn’t tell you is ‘why’. This is where Business Analytics software comes in.


Business Analytics utilises data, statistical analysis, quantitative analysis and predictive modelling to not only help you understand ‘why’ an issue or event occurred, but also give you new insights to:

  • Identify patterns and trends in performance
  • Predict ‘what if’ these trends continue
  • Understand how to optimise performance to produce best possible outcome

Active Dashboards Business Analytics software combines evidence-based business intelligence with powerful business analytics to give you complete insight into your organisation’s performance.

Whoever your customers are, Active Dashboards gives you the ability to make smarter decisions faster to drive incremental revenue and reduce costs. Having the insight to differentiate between customers and then match their characteristics with appropriate offerings can help you improve your customer experience and engagement. Through fast access to real-time information in a user-friendly graphical format you can drive efficiencies in your every-day decision making and make a real difference to your bottom-line.

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