Business Intelligence

Maximise your data's potential with an Active Dashboards approach

Business intelligence (BI) has traditionally been in the domain of IT experts, especially when it came to BI software. Business users have found the complexities of consolidating multiple data sources and using powerful analytics to unlock meaningful insight hidden in vast volumes of data too challenging. Relying heavily on centralised, expert IT departments to produce management reports was time-consuming and costly.  By the time reports were produced, the information was inevitably out of date - creating uncertainty and a lack of confidence in the information needed for business- critical decision-making.

Active Dashboards takes business intelligence dashboard software to the next level. With powerful, real-time analytics and engaging, interactive dashboard layouts, business users can get the answers they need to make smarter decisions faster at the click of a mouse.

Active Dashboards combines robust data analytics with stunning data visualisation to give you accurate and valuable business intelligence you can trust.


No data warehouse, no additional server and no delays

You can get up and running with Active Dashboards within days. And because you’re working on real-time data there’s no expensive outlay for additional servers and no additional resource needed for time-consuming data warehouse configuration. Active Dashboards gives you simple, fast access to evidence-based decision making.


Comprehensive insight – whatever your sector

Dynistics works with many organisations across a number of different market sectors which means we have the necessary experience to help you discover the insights you need. View our Product Tour to see how easy it could be to have the sector and departmental -specific information you need made instantly available to you.


Delivering meaningful business intelligence -wherever you are

Regardless of whether you’re in the office or on the move, Active Dashboards is easily accessible via desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet so you can see how your organisation or department is performing whenever and wherever you choose.


Interested in discovering more about our Business Intelligence Dashboard Software?

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