Active Dashboards for Sales

Sales teams require data from a wide range of sources, which includes not only information from their own department but often from the marketing and finance teams as well. The ability to access this information in one place not only streamlines the workflow process but also removes data silos and prevents ‘double-touching’, increasing efficiency.


What can Active Dashboards provide for your Business?

Active Dashboards provide sales teams with real-time information from all sources, improving efficiency throughout the whole of the sales cycle.


Efficient pipeline management

Measure ROI accurately

Prevent silos

Data visibility

Monitor KPIs


Designed to empower your sales team, giving them the ability to focus their efforts and drive the right practices, to deliver increase in sales.

Active Dashboards visualises your data into meaningful and actionable insight, enabling your sales team to maximum every opportunity

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Real-time data collected from all your sources, combined into a clear vision is key. Review your customer activity and account pipeline opportunities to quickly take actions

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The Key to Success

An effective Sales Reporting and pipeline management depends on accurate data and a keen eye for analysis. Dynistics delivers actionable insight, key to making your sales planning decisions.


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Sales Brochure

Designed to empower your sales team, giving them the ability to focus their efforts and drive the right practices, which will deliver a significant increase in sales.

Product Comparison Factsheet

This handy fact-sheet gives you a detailed break down of the differences between Active Dashboards and Active Scoreboards

Active Dashboards Product Brochure

Active Dashboards combines powerful, intelligent business analytics with stunning graphical reporting capabilities.

What can Real-Time Reporting allow you to do?

You can quickly identify recruitment campaign performance against your plan. Integrate social media sources - LinkedIn, Twitter, job boards with in-house CRM systems. Spot underlying trends and patterns in KPIs - time to hire, cost per hire, activity counts and ratios and reasons for withdrawals. And also uncover patterns in recruiter behaviour - call volumes, call times, call durations.

This will enable you to increase your ROI on marketing campaign and advertisement spend. Improve candidate engagement by having a fuller picture of their interests, motivation and goals. Understand and replicate real key drivers for successful outcomes and also inform staff training to improve recruiter performance.