South Staffordshire College use Active Dashboards

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Active Dashboards software to provide real time management information

In advance of the government’s spending review, South Staffordshire College has stolen a lead in making informed decisions about its funding and enrolment targets thanks to a contract it has signed to implement Dynistics Active Dashboards software.

The software provides the college with advanced graphical reporting to monitor funding and student enrolment performance in real-time via management dashboards software available on the desktop.

South Staffordshire College, formed by the merger of three established colleges: Tamworth & Lichfield, Cannock, and Rodbaston, is implementing the dashboard software to analyse all manner of operational data more quickly and accurately than ever before and create increased efficiencies where possible.

“We have 20,000 students and 1300 staff across four campuses – that’s a lot of data to interpret in order to monitor performance,” said Phil Brockhurst, Director of MIS and IT, South Staffordshire College.

“In these austere times, it’s important that we can be as efficient as possible when managing the college – the software is easy to use and allows us to chart college data which ultimately allows us to measure efficiencies by tracking progress against targets.

“Initially our priority is monitoring student enrolment and funding, breaking the information down into college departments which allows us to look at viability and sustainability. The software will also be rolled out to teaching staff over time so that they can monitor performance in their own faculties.”

Active Dashboards graphically represents data pulled from any source across the college and helps monitor students throughout the academic lifecycle which is fundamental to ensuring the college hits its targets and demonstrates first class performance.

“Previously, the principal and the college management team have had to run a report if information has been required for analysis and performance review, but Active Dashboards is so easy to use that it allows us to do a job that previously took hours, in just minutes,” concludes Phil Brockhurst.


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