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Using Data Insights to Get Ahead of the Game

A lesson in transforming the effectiveness of data For schools, colleges and universities, using today’s Business Intelligence (BI) tools can be a bit…
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Dashboards lead the way in modern BI

  A recent Economist Intelligence Unit study showed that while 70 percent of US senior executives felt analytics would be either “very” or…
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Bridging the gap between business and education

It’s no secret that Further Education (FE) is undergoing a major change. Colleges have been freed from local authority control and empowered to…
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Why change management is key to GDPR compliance

Big Data is fast becoming the driving force behind many business strategies today— and has arguably affected the recruitment industry more than any…
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Which analytics tools are business ready now?

From big data to Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Internet of Things (IoT), the most important trends in IT right now…
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Don’t be a data dinosaur

In today’s pressurised environment, just making the right decision isn’t good enough anymore; it also has to be made twice as quickly. But…
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Tackle the Big Data Buzzword

In five questions or less, an industry expert defines and explains a technology, term or trend – with this installment seeing Robert Dagge,…
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Improved Data Management for Ofsted

At our recent College User Conference, The Manchester College explained why commissioning Active Dashboards had a dramatic impact on the quality of their…
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