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Five Key Steps to Scale Your B2B Sales Operation

Written by James Isilay, CEO, Cognism Trying to successfully scale B2B sales can raise any number of challenges; yet for many B2B organisations it is the…
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The key to harnessing unstructured data? Visualisation

Every business has unstructured data but how many organisations fully understand how to unlock its value? While unstructured data has traditionally been regarded…
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Why decentralising data can boost productivity and performance

The question of who owns and controls our data has been in the press a lot these past weeks. But while Cambridge Analytica…
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Tackle the Big Data Buzzword

In five questions or less, an industry expert defines and explains a technology, term or trend – with this installment seeing Robert Dagge,…
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Moving from Data to Strategy

It’s early Monday morning and the weekend is now a distant memory. You head into the office to which you are greeted with…
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