Get even more from your Dynistics dashboard software with our range of training courses

To ensure you hit the ground running and start realising the benefits of your Active Dashboard investment as quickly as possible, we include a two-Day Active Dashboard Developer course as standard.

By the end of the dashboard software training course you will understand how to:

  • Use SQL queries to obtain information for display
  • Customise the appearance of charts
  • Create effective dashboards by grouping charts
  • Define user access rights and viewing options
  • Create drill downs and filters that empower users
  • Create, schedule and deliver personalised, real-time email alerts
  • Integrate Active Dashboards into web pages and portals

This comprehensive course is designed for technical and analytical staff with a responsibility for creating and delivering management reports. These will include:

  • Application Developers
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Developers
  • Reporting Specialists
  • Technical Consultants

There are just a couple of pre-requisites to attending the Active Dashboards course. In order to gain maximum benefit, it would be necessary to have:

  • Basic SQL development skills
  • An understanding of reporting requirements

We deliver our training courses from the Dynistics office in Solihull or on-site*

Once you’ve completed the standard training, we can also offer extended training using your own data and in your own environment. For further details see Data Visualisation Consultancy.

Already have Active Dashboards? Want to skill up new starters? Or just want a refresher course? Contact us for more information.


"The training was comprehensive, clearly conveyed and enjoyable. What an asset to your company."

Andrew Houghton
Project Manager, Integrater

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