Yellow Jersey Part 3: Map out your candidates – before your competition pins them down.

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Active Dashboards Recruitment Maps

For riders in the Tour de France, knowing when to apply the right team tactics to increase your results comes from being able to apply technology to react faster than your competitors.

The iconic race may be over but the same methodology applies right now for recruitment.

For example – let’s look at your live job roles. Which are the ones where you have too few candidates in the area? Have your recruiters sent out CVs for each live vacancy yet or are some roles and revenue opportunities at risk?

With so much candidate and client data within your CRM system, it’s difficult to get a clear view of what you need your consultants to do…to pre-empt challenges and maximise potential opportunities in real time.

Geographical mapping is the latest (legal) performance enhancer for recruiters. 

With Active Dashboards your recruiters can instantly see:

  • Where your candidates are, where they’re not and where they need to start acquiring new candidates fill the vacancies on your books… to outmanoeuvre your competition.
  • The current status of each vacancy and quickly identify where intervention will increase fill rates.
  • Exactly where CV’s still need to be sent out
  • The progress of all live jobs by sector, job type, location, skills etc.

Marginal Gains

  • Cutting down your time to hire through instant visibility of where focussed action will produce results.
  • Increasing the efficiency of candidate recruitment by specific sourcing for live roles.
  • Canvas prospective clients by location faster for new roles where volume of available candidates is highest.

So what are you waiting for? Book a Demo Now

And see for yourself how Active Dashboards geographical mapping can help you spot opportunities to generate more revenue faster.


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